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Using plastic bags for holding plants can seem cool and easy, but utilising paper bags for the same is a more intelligent, safer and a greener approach. This practice can really make a difference in the way you think and do things, and the way your plants grow and look. Plants, when grown in a plastic sack, can’t survive for long as the plastic is a hazardous material which may affect their growth and well being. However, when you buy paper bags and grow plants in these nature-friendly pack the plants look lush and stay green forever.

Let’s learn how to make the paper planter bags and contribute our bit towards the mother earth.

You would need:                                                  

  • A large paper sheet
  • Tape or an eco-friendly sheet which is water-proof
  • Paint and pens

How to make the planter bag?

  • Making of the planter bag is quite easy. You would need a water-proof paper pack. If you don’t have, you can use the tape or an eco-friendly, water-proof sheet to be stuck to a large brown paper carrier bags or sheet with the help of glue. Let it dry.
  • Now spread the sheet and fold it from both sides so as to make it a closed (bag-like) figure. Also, fold the base to make it a sack. Now there is only one opening that is at the top.
  • Make it a sturdy planter sack. Also, you can paint the surface with a waterproof paint to prevent it from the action of moisture and dampness.
  • Also, you can make designs and patterns on the pack to make it more stylish. You can write the words like “Green”, “Grow”, “My Plant”, “Water” etc. on the bags to give it more meaning.
  • Let the paint dry. When done fold the sack from the upper part like you fold the sleeves of your shirt. And fill the sack with soil and seeds that support the growth of the plant.
  • You can also put in some roots and plants in the soil and put it instantly in the lobby, living room or on the terrace.

Congratulations, you’re done!

You can create more interesting things using paper and paper products. It is a green substance that keeps our environment safe from any harm. Paper is recyclable, reusable and also eco-friendly which makes it the best choice for the making of the beautiful planter bags. Try now!

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