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Children’s birthday parties usually make a lot of trash. Disposable plates, wrapping paper, plastic cups, paper table clothes, balloons and party decorations pile up to several bags of garbage. When you make environment-friendly choices, you are helping our planet to be green.

How to host a plastic free birthday party

To make your child’s birthday party eco-friendly pick a theme like a garden party, bug safari or butterfly celebration. Pick a theme depending on your child’s preferences and without big carbon footprints.

It will be a smart move to keep the party small. It will be easy to handle and also your child will not be overwhelmed. Let us see in detail how to make your party more eco-friendly.

Invitations:  Avoid paper invitations and use online invitations instead. You can email the families and also ask them for RVSP.

Decorations: Instead of using plastic decorations and balloons that pop before your party even begins, go for paper poufs and streamers. Make banners with the materials that you have at hand and ask your little guests to color their own party hats.

Cutlery: Paper plates, napkins, table cloth, and plastic cutlery are the biggest sources of garbage at kids parties. Instead, buy inexpensive teacups and dishes from a thrift store or at a garage sale. It won’t pinch you even if some gets broken. You can rinse them after the party and use it for the next party that you host in your home. Use some old sheet as a table cloth and decorate it to fit the theme of your party.

Party Activities: Involve the children in craft making activities at the party. Ask the children to make a picture frame with Popsicle sticks or decorate a white pillowcase with fabric markers or cloth dye. Provide them with brown kraft paper bags and craft supplies and ask them to make costumes or face masks of their choice. Announce a prize to the kid who makes the most creative costume.

Goody Bags: Avoid using the plastic bags as goody bags instead use small brown paper bags. You can always find them in any local stationery or craft store for nominal prices. Have your child decorate them with crayons and glitter. The bag will look more beautiful than the store bought plastic ones.

Return gifts: Well, you cannot send your guests home empty handed. Instead of expensive store bought chocolates pack some homemade cookies in mini brown paper bags and throw them in the big goody bag along with the craft that they made in the party earlier.

Do not worry if you cannot go eco-friendly completely. Every small change that you make on your part will make this planet a better to live.

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