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Hanukkah is the Jewish festivity related to lights, fun and food to commemorate the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. This festival lasts for eight days and nights where people kindle candles (one on each day) on the single stand that has nine rods to place nine candles (one on the each). As you know this festivity is all about lights, food and games, you would want to go creative this time and enjoy the festival with your flair.

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How To Light Up My Living Room On Hanukkah?

Though you would light those candles (candelabrum) on the nine-branched menorah, you would also like to lit up your living room or bedroom with something that has the subtle sophistication and offers a dim light to create a soothing ambience. You can do this by making a light luminary using your innovation. It’s an easy breezy way to make your room festive ready and look different with some light to brighten up the place.

Gift Box Luminaries

The easiest way to make a luminary in no time is to use the old or new colourful gift boxes for this purpose. Yes, you must have bought several gift boxes to give away the favours on the festival, take a few out of them and utilize to make gift box luminaries.

What You’ll Need:

  • Gift Boxes
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Butter or Tissue Papers
  • Light Bulbs
  • Paint

How To:

  1. Take the gift boxes wholesale or any shape you want. Whether it is square or rectangle, any shape would look good.
  2. With the help of scissors, cut out a certain shape (a square, heart, circle etc.) And give it the right finishing.
  3. Now take a sheet of butter paper, tracing sheet or a tissue paper and stick from the inside of the box to cover the cut out. Let it dry.
  4. Now put the bulb inside and place it near the switchboard or the bedside. If it’s living room, use it on the side table.

You’re done! Get mesmerised in the night and celebrate your creativity on Hanukkah. The luminaries made out of the small gift boxes look cute and are made effortlessly. You would definitely collect a lot of compliments when guests visit your place on the festival. In fact, you can use them until Christmas or gift it as a favour to your close people.

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