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How to make gift wrapping an activity for kids

Every time vacation start mothers are occupied with the thought of planning activities for kids. There is a lot of brain storming required to come up with ideas that would interest kids and at the same time add to their learning. Exploring and experimenting is the only way one could be creative. Kids are inquisitive and they have lots of questions about every aspect of life. It is important to challenge their energies in the right direction in order to keep them at par with the present competition.

Below is a list of activities that you can plan with kids using wrapping paper. The best part about wrapping paper is that it eliminates the difference between cheap and luxury. People who can buy cheap wrapping paper can also easily afford luxury wrapping paper since the difference in cost is really less.

Let’s get started with the activity where gift wrapping could be fun for kids.

Make a gift box- You can make gift boxes at home using used packaging. If you have recently bought a shoe then do not throw the shoe box. Cover the shoe box as well as the lid with a cheap wrapping paper of any bright colour. Cut some circles of any contrasting colour and let your kids paste it randomly over the lid. Kids would be delighted to make a vibrant and beautiful gift box.

Make a gift pouch- Use satin socks to make gift pouches. Take a worn out pair of socks and stick them with beads, sequins and fancy buttons. Gift pouch would look great if it’s bright in colour. Let your kids stick it with fancy laces and tie a ribbon to close the mouth of the socks. Your gift pouch is ready.

Make Christmas bags- If you have more than two kids to plan the activity for then you can actually make bags to giveaway favours for any upcoming festival. For instance if it’s the Christmas season, pick the festive theme and plan an activity for all the kids around you. Give them a paper carrier bag and red colour. Let them paint the bag red, once done leave it for drying. Now draw a Christmas tree on some cheap wrapping papers and hand one sheet to each one of them. Ask them cut the paper in shape of the trees drawn by simply running the scissors over the lines drawn. Paste the Christmas tree cut out on the red paper bag and your festive bag is ready.

These are three easy activities you can plan for kids and teach them to use creativity over the articles lying at home. 

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