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Have you ever realised something as mundane as tissue paper? Can it be an incredibly versatile material for hobby ideas? Be it your kid’s craft homework from school, your DIY hobbies, or selling crafts online, tissue paper is a highly handy resource to have a permanent place in your cupboard. In-spite of having multiple uses; it’s usually quite an underrated product. You would be surprised to know the world of possibilities of purple tissue paper crafts.

So if you are a DIY freak, gets some of these papers, and explores the unlimited possibilities that these papers can be used for, be it for decoration purposes, paintings, etc.

  1. Blue tissue paper is widely used for flower art. You can make different patterns out of them. You can also cut these papers in various shapes for various petal designs. Pastel as well as brightly coloured paper, both can give you the perfectly crafted flowers.
  2. Next time your kid wants to make an aquarium for his homework, get the most out of these papers available. You can create little fishes out of them. Also, using tissue paper and yarn, jellyfishes can be made.
  3. Now don’t be surprised if I ask you to use craft papers for painting. And yes, they make beautiful ones! All you will need is some heavy paper base that doesn’t come off when wet, coloured papers that will bleed and a sprayer. First you tear the paper into small pieces and place them on the heavy The more the number of colours available, the better. Now spray some water onto them and watch the papers bleed colour on the heavy paper. Let dry, and voila, your painting is ready!
  4. You can make bright and colourful flower pots using these papers. All you need is a pot, glue, paintbrushes and differently coloured craft papers. You can tear the tissue paper into small pieces and stick them randomly on the pot. Be it indoors or your garden, it is sure to brighten up the place.
  5. Paper plate crafts with these papers are another option which can be easily done. You can cut the plates or join them, make different patterns out of them and decorate those using these papers. You can use them as wall hangings or other decorative purposes.
  6. Be it some birthday party, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day; confetti is a must. You can easily make these at home using these papers. Also, you can give them whatever shape you like.
  7. You can make beautiful candle holders at home using tissue paper. All you would need are some old glasses or jars having a wide opening, some glue and coloured papers. You can paste the different coloured tissues to give a bright look or try experimenting overlapping one colour with another coloured paper so that by the glow of the candlelight, a different colour shows up. Also, you can put some personalised message over the tissue papers.

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