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Have you ever considered how much paper we waste in the form of news paper, brown paper, wrapping paper and other day to day activities that involve paper. There are some activities where we can actually reuse paper and contribute our tiny bit to the environment. With time there is more awareness among people about recyclable products, which is good but would be better if we start implementing this in our everyday life.

Exchanging gifts is an age old custom. We love to shower our loved ones with fancy gifts that are well wrapped or boxed. For this we buy sheets of luxury wrapping paper, why not make these sheets of wrapping paper at home using the regular sheets of paper lying at home. This would not just be cheaper but we will also avoid waste of paper and promote reuse of these sheets in a constructive way.

Reuse news paper-You can use everyday newspaper as wrapping sheets. You might be worried that these sheets would look like cheap wrapping paper but they won’t rather it looks creative. All you need to do is make some random shapes using glitter over news paper sheets. This would add a creative edge to your regular news paper sheet, which can be used as your very own recycled wrapping paper.

White paper stripes- Striped wrapping papers go well with all occasions. Little did we know that we can make striped wrapping papers at home. All you need is three sketch pens of different and vibrant colours, white card sheet and a ruler. Make random stripes over white paper sheet using coloured sketch pens. Make these random stripes a combination of thick and thin lines. It might not look like a professional wrapping paper but would certainly give a creative look and feel to your gifts.

Mini hearts brown paper- Take a regular sheet of kraft paper which is by default brown. Paste some random shapes in pastel colours for instance you can paste tiny pink hearts over brown paper. This simple trick could lit up your regular brown paper sheet and turn it into a pretty wrapping paper.

Cards cum wrapping paper- Well this activity might take some of your time. Make tiny cards of colourful card sheets in any shape you like and paste these cards over a plain sheet of paper of any colour you like. Now use this sheet as your wrapping paper and you can use the tiny card window for writing messages.

These are some simple ways to show your creativity and make lovely wrapping paper at home.

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