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5 advantages of having strict parents

We all as kids who had strict parents would always wish to have cool parents who do not impose any rules and regulations on us. But as we grow up, we realise that their instincts were right and it actually helped you to become a better person. We would always complain about being different and having different lifestyle than others, but now as a grown up person it finally seems to pay off.

Let’s talk about those advantages and how they have helped in building up our personality.

You are academically good

You are academically good: If your parents are strict then you surely have the pressure of getting good grades. However, this pressure will push you towards doing well in studies and you have other things to worry about but grades. We would always hate how cool others parents are about their children but now when you compare yourself, you feel your life was smoother than theirs.

Make you responsible

Make you responsible: Parents who ask you to do your bed and close the lights, etc, are making you more responsible. Many parents are highly concerned about nature, saving energy. I can say because my father would always shout if there’s a plastic lying and would put more emphasis on using natural products such as paper bags, jute bags. In this way they make you responsible towards society, environment and to yourself.

Discipline: The most important thing that you learn is how to be disciplined and organised in your life. You don’t really have to worry that being disciplined will make you look like a douche bag among everyone. But it’s going to help you in so many ways. You are always on time; you have self-control which stops you to fall into bad things and you are always ready for unexpected troubles.

Learn to live in scarcity
Learn to live in scarcity: Remember as kids parents would always lend us limited money and would always stop us to eat ice cream and burgers every day and sometimes your mom makes something at dinner that you really hate but all these things helps you with your health and you learn to live in limits. We all go through such phases where we have limits but it won’t affect us because our parents taught us how to live in scarcity.

You can live on your own
You can live on your own: Our parents would always tag us along when going for grocery shopping and mom would often ask you to help her with the dishes. These were not punishments. These were actually done with a motive to make you learn everything early so that you won’t have to face any trouble if you’re living alone.

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