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Makeup usually refers to transforming yourself into another form. It is the most efficient and basic way to look stunning. These days, girls are totally into makeup. No girl goes without makeup. For the last moment touchup, cheap tissue paper is a safety tool to help you look appealing without extras.

A vanity box must contain some tissue paper to prepare for the unexpected Tissue paper is a special tool to help you when you need it the most. It removes excess oil and dirt off your face. Here are some of the unexpected ways coloured tissue paper UK can help you when you have never imagined ever.

Blend Powder and Blush

Blush is used to make your cheeks look natural. But most of us don’t know how to apply this blush. Sometimes you witness the patches of red or pink hues on cheeks. In that case, tissue paper can clean up the extra mess. I can cover up most of your makeup mistakes. If your face has a lot of compact powder or additional colour, simply fold the tissue paper in triangular design and sweep off the face gently to remove extra colour. Don’t use the used tissue to avoid pimples and bacterial infection.

Remove Extra Makeup

Girls usually don’t know the value of tissue paper in their vanity box. Eyeshadow looks good or suits on eyes only when it is not applied to chin or cheek. By mistake, it may be done, but it won’t look good. It can be fixed with tissue paper. Just fold the tissue paper and hold it in the left hand and pat the eye area. It will remove the loaded eyeshadow, and you can see it on tissue paper. All the fallout shadow will be removed.

As a Spot Cleaner

When it comes to travelling, it can work very well. Using used or dirty brushes can spoil the makeup you have applied to the face. It can also cause pimples and bacterial infections and pimples. So, tissue paper can help you fix this problem. It can be the best spot cleanser while travelling when you don’t have enough time to wash up the brushes thoroughly. Spray some water on the tissue and move brushes in both directions. It will remove all the colour but not the bacteria. Simply go for it and avoid all the dirty brushes.

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