Are you looking for more classic, softer look for a fabulous gift pack this holiday season? Do you need tissue paper wholesale that you can use all the year round and more than a craft supply? To add beauty to your gift, wrapping it with a brown tissue paper can be a great way. But this process may come with a few challenges. Here are the steps to follow to wrap your gifts using tissue sheet and make a package that can appeal to others’ eyes without any flaws. 

What you’ll need?

  • Transparent tape
  • Tissue paper
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors 


  • Find out what kinds of gifts you may wrap with a tissue. Keep in mind that it is not easy to find a sheet of crepe sheet which is large enough to wrap tremendous Also, wrapping paper may not be the best choice you need to handle your gifts a lot after wrapping it, or kids will handle it or be packed up for travelling. It is more fragile than typical wrapping sheet.
  • You need to choose a colour and size of tissue paper UK. You may find crepe sheet in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Make sure to check the details on the packaging. Also, ensure to have enough crepe sheet to double-wrap. It is sometimes semi-transparent, and you won’t want your recipient to guess the gift before unwrapping it.
  • Wrap a boxed or rectangular gift just like you would do with a standard sheet. Just fold the rectangle of paper over the box, tape it underneath in tight tube. Fold the corners to the left and right sides of gift box, fold these edges to the triangular shapes and tape them properly.
  • Since tissue paper may look a little plain in itself, you may decorate the box after wrapping it with a stick-on bow or ribbon.
  • If the gift is in odd shape or you are wrapping clothes, use a ‘candy wrapper’ technique. Simply wrap the crepe paper in a cylindrical pattern around the object and collect and tie the ends with a star peppermint or Tootsie roll string. Hold the ribbon flat over the edge of a knife lightly to add curl to the loose ribbon ends and drag the knife along the ribbon.
For wrapping gift bag, use light crepe paper as filler. Gift bags can give added convenience, but they may take some fun off the unwrapping process. You may wrap a gift loosely to put the secret into your gift and make it a bit harder to uncover.

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