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Decorating your house with your crafty flair Is an amazing thing which is at the same time inexpensive. It is something that you can create any time of the day and at any place. The things which people mostly use to adorn their home sweet home is the colourful crepe sheets. However, you need to buy them by paying a considerable price. If you want an even cheaper choice to go crafty at your home, go for the brown kraft paper. It is a natural choice which is very cost effective too. You can fold, paint, cut, stick, laminate, or craft. You can do anything you want to do with the brown kraft paper bags!

You can buy these kraft sheets online or can procure the brown kraft paper bags and turn them into sheets but cutting out the handles. Now here’s how to utilise the brown paper bags to make your craft masterpiece at home, school or even at the workplace.

  1. Make it Wrinkle Free: A wrinkled sheet cannot lead to great craft. Try to pick up the new-looking sheet or make it wrinkle free by placing a cloth over the opened sheet and ironing it. Now you have a perfect canvas for your creativity!


  1. Draw or Paint it: Brown colour is dull, it is an intense hue which solely can’t attract eyeballs. So, draw or paint on it anything you want. You can create scenery, wall art, a pattern, a poem, flowers, picture or anything that entices you. This creativity on the small paper bags would show your creativity and love for art.


  1. Use Bright Colours: On the brown paper, you don’t want to use dark colours. Make sure you choose light and bright shades. You can also mix and match these colours with their contrast hues to make a perfect combination. It looks very attractive and brightens up the visual appeal and feel of the room.


  1. Laminate & Flaunt Your Work: Once you are done, don’t let your craft work go in vain by the action of moisture, dust, time or temperature. Make a few efforts and get it laminated. A laminated piece of work would last longer and shines brighter.

Why Just Decoration?

Don’t limit your brown kraft sacks just for creating craft projects. Use them for lining your drawers, organising your kitchen, maintaining your wardrobe and for shopping your grocery items in the market. These sacks are multifarious thus shouldn’t be restricted to a single purpose. Make most out of your brown kraft paper bags and live an organised life.

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