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How Your Garden Can Help the Environment

We know the condition of the environment and it’s time that we start doing whatever we can to save it. We can play our part in so many small ways like if you have a garden then you can take some easy steps to maintain it. You can utilise your garden to benefit not only yourself but others as well and it’s a perfect way to play your part in helping in preventing global warming and pollution.

Make your own farm

Make your own farm: This can be considered as one of the most economical ways to improve the environment and certainly the easiest. You can grow fruits and vegetables in your garden and you won’t have to buy it from the market and also there’s no bigger joy in consuming your self-grown food.

Fake grass for your garden

Fake grass for your garden: Technically it sounds very illogical that we use artificial grass made from plastic to help the environment, but think the other way as artificial grass don’t need to get watered. Hence you can save lot of water by doing that. Also no chemical is required to grow and maintain the artificial grass, which are generally made from recycled plastics.

Homemade manure

Homemade manure: Making manure is not very difficult. Rather it is one of the easiest and most productive things that you can get from waste. Do not throw organic or kitchen waste into dustbin; instead use them to make compost.

Grow more and more plants

Grow more and more plantsThinking about nature has become a necessity and just one person cannot change everything. Use most of the space in your garden by planting trees or plants as more plants will provide more oxygen to the surrounding. Thus use your space efficiently. We should encourage and inspire other people for such deeds.

Rishabh Dwivedy

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