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What comes to your mind first when we say “tissue papers”? Obviously, the ones that we use in bathrooms, toilets and kitchen napkins, right! However, I am going to introduce you to a wrapping sheet which is made from tissues. You normally use common wrapping paper available in the market to wrap gifts so next time when you need such sheet, ask for a wrapping sheets made of tissue. It comes in wonderful colours, patterns and textures. These can be used for multiple purposes.

Gift wrap

First and the foremost use of this coloured tissue paper UK is wrapping a gift. Since it comes in wonderful colours and patterns, from stripes to polka dots, it gives a unique look to your gift.

Making garland

Be it any celebration or event; you can make a fringe garland from these wonderful, colourful sheets. Buy wrapping sheets in various colours and cut them into long fringes. Tie one side of it into a knot putting it through a string while leaving the other side open. You can alter the colours as per your theme.

Paper fans and Pompoms - 

For any décor be it home or party décor, make fans from these wrapping sheets. Pompoms can be easily made from the tissues. Hang them out on walls or put them over party table. They are surely going to impress your guests. You can use them in general also.

Use it for birthday décor

You can make so many decorative things for a birthday party with these wonderful wrapping sheets. Apart from paper fans and pompoms, cut them into long strings and use it like streamers. Create adorable number with tissues to celebrate the new age. Decorate the initials of the name with these by making flowers and sticking them on it.

Being creative

Let the children test their skills by creating a stunning piece of art using tissues. Adults can also explore their funny and creative side by engaging in such activities. Also, the acid-free tissue paper wholesale are amazing stuff that can be creatively used to safeguard your jewellery and other expensive stuff from any harm.

Paper dolls

Paper dolls have been and will always remain a big fascination for girls of all age groups. Since we get an exciting range of designs and patterns in such sheets, it becomes easy to make dolls at home. Why only dolls other creatures can also be made using these wrapping sheets.


One very innovative idea of coloured tissue paper UK is origami. There is no need to buy expensive origami paper to make one instead use these wrapping sheets to make origami of your choice. 

Ah! So there’s so much we can do with these wonderful wrapping sheets, and you thought it’s just a normal sheet to wrap presents and gifts.

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