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Plastic bags have proved to be extremely harmful for the environment. They are non-recyclable and somehow reach into our natural bodies with rain water. They cause severe damage to the marine life especially turtles that consider them as food and die an untimely death due to choking. Plastic bags are present virtually in all of us in some form or the other. Though they are huge powerhouses of storage, but they cause some serious damage to our environment. Plastic bags take hundreds of years to decompose and emit harmful gases when burnt. In order to protect ourselves and our future generations from the harmful consequences of plastic carrier bags, it is time to opt for recyclable and eco-friendly bags in various colors, designs, sizes and patterns from Pico bags. We are a UK based online portal providing best quality bags at unmatched prices in the market. Many countries are now levying a 5p charge on plastic bags in order to minimize their use.
Recyclable Bags From Pico Bags

Plastic bags fluttering in trees used to be a common sight throughout the urban avenues and rural hedgerows of Britain, but now the plastic bag tree is dying out. Critics claim that the primary reason for the decline is the 5p charge for plastic shopping bags introduced by the Government last year. This is in conjunction with the ‘reduce, re-use, recycle’ initiative which has the potential to destroy the environment and eco-system in which the plastic bag tree formerly flourished.

According to an organization named Life for Bags, it is important to safeguard the beauty of the plastic bag tree from depletion. The organization is attempting to save the species. A spokesperson pointed out that we must not allow the great British institution that is the plastic bag tree to die out and be replaced with foreign import.. He further added that this is nothing but attempted murder and they are campaigning to reverse this Government’s brutal ‘Jute to Kill’ policy.



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