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Christmas brings hopes and happiness along with the excitement of the new year. It is equally important for all the sectors and communities. Whether it’s a homemaker, a retailer or a businessperson, each one of them wants to reap some profit out of the most awaited festivity of the year. The Christmas week is the busiest time of the year. Both, the wholesalers and eCommerce portals, aspire to maximise their annual sales and so there is a need to prepare for Christmas stock carefully.


Now when we talk about the Christmas week, preparations and shopping, handmade crafts and Christmas tree décor essentials form a major part of the sale. Tissue papers play an indispensable role in the home and Christmas tree décor. People also buy coloured tissues to make beautiful flowers, and garland etc. and also to safeguard their expensive clothes, décor, and jewellery. However, the expensive showpieces, designer clothes and pricey jewellery wrapped in ordinary tissue papers aren’t safe. An ordinary tissue can’t do much in preventing them from the action of moisture, dirt and dust. Also, the chemical present in the tissue can harm and discolour the clothes and jewellery.

Furthermore, the crafts that people make with ordinary crepe sheets are not safe to be touched by the children. So, convince your customers not to buy an ordinary tissue for Christmas décor. In fact, advice them to purchase acid-free counterparts. Buy acid-free tissue papers in bulk and ask your customers to go acid-free this Christmas!

This would help you gain their trust that your customers are important to you and you take care of their expensive products. Give them an introduction of acid-free tissues and let them acknowledge its worth. Tell them that these acid-free coloured tissue papers wholesale UK are pH balanced and chemical-free. Thus, they don’t harm your skin, your clothes, your décor items and even your precious gems.

What Else Should Retailers Do?

  • Plan everything at least two weeks prior the festivity, make sure to maintain enough stock (more than last years’ stock).
  • Make the best use of social media outlets and promote your products and services for Christmas Sales this year.
  • Also, plan effective Christmas Marketing Campaigns early enough; this would keep you calm, focused and stress-free.
  • Maintain your delivery timings; deliver on time. It is another way to win your customers’ heart and trust.

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