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If you are buying a gift for your boss and his wife, one problem is that they can buy a better gift than whatever you buy for them, almost every time without exception. If you exchange gifts with the couple during holiday time as part of your corporate culture, or if you work for both, it’s time to get your business savvy to work. Be sure to know how they spend their off-work hours, how much time they spend with each other, and what’s important to them. Use it as your advantage to give them a perfect gift packed in cardboard gift boxes

Homemade Gifts

If you know that the couple spends most of their holidays in entertainment, give them a gift basket to add a personal touch to their events. You may pack some cookies, homemade fudge, and nut bread packed in gift boxes wholesale, as a crock of your Tom & Jerry batter and a pair of taper candles. If you are a pro craftsman, knit stocking caps and matching scarves or carve beautiful wooden ornaments to decorate their Christmas tree.  

Food Gifts

If the couple is a foodie, personalise your gift as per their specific tastes. Meat, gourmet cheeses, and jellies are the welcome addition around the holidays, as are ham, steaks, fish and turkey. You may choose a range of palate-pleasing wines if your boss and his wife are oenophiles. Ask the manager of your wine shop for help if you don’t have enough knowledge. Give their children a few of the holiday-themed candies, cookies, and cakes to share their love with the rest of the family. 

Gift Certificates

Some people assume that gift certificates are the best choice when giving gifts, but it doesn’t need to be that way. All you need to consider the tastes of the recipients and combine the gift cards with small gifts.

Consider matching the mittens with a coffee card which is tucked within for weekend walks to the nearest coffee house, movie tickets, few chocolate-coated raisin boxes, or a copy of music magazine and a card for song downloads. No matter what you give, make it something that the couple can use with each other. 

Make Donations on Behalf of Couple

If the couple works hard to support a noble cause which is close to their hearts, be sure to make a donation on behalf of them and ask the organisation to send a notification to them about their gift. Keep in mind that it is a charity supported by them, not an excuse to donate to your own causes, which may put both of you in any weird situation.

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