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The living room is the place which we want to look splendid and visually stunning. This place makes the first impression on your guests’ mind of whether your house is a modern, creative establishment or a messy, plain edifice. Make sure they stay with the former compliments and say that your home nest is the best.

Try some amazing craft activities using cheap, colourful tissue sheets which can add life to your boring living room.

Tissue Papers For Craft Work

The world has witnessed the worth of tissue papers. Now people have not limited its usage to just hand wiping. Creative people have made them their staple of craft kit as these are amazing supplies to r\create your own masterpiece. Colourful crepe sheets can come into great use when making delicate, dainty craftwork, and adorn your home, classrooms, offices and more.

Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue paper flowers are the famous craftwork for your living room. Just gather some coloured crepe sheets including the red, green, yellow and orange tissue paper to get started.

You will need scissors, different hued tissues, glue, craft wire and tape etc.


  • Fold the tissues in layers and then use your scissors to cut in curved lines, this should create lovely colourful petals of your flowers. You can combine more than two coloured sheets to make mixed coloured blossoms. Or, if you want to make a single coloured bunch you can do that too.
  • Use the craft wires to make the stem of the flower and use the brown tissue paper to cover the wire. Put those green crepe sheets to make the leaves of the flowers. Assemble everything and make a bunch of your tissue paper flowers. Arrange them in a nice flower pot to adorn your living room and make it look aesthetically appealing.
  • You can also give it a more stunning look by making crepe paper butterflies and attaching them to the flowers with the help of the glue or the double-sided This would add greenery to your living room and make it look alive.
Tissue papercraft looks so amazing that you would find yourself in love with them. Not just your living room, decorate your whole home with captivating crafts made of cheap crepe sheets. Also, buy and keep a surplus bundle in bulk and let your kids do some creativity in their free-time.

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