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Packing is a crucial part of any gift and this is evident from people investing much time, money and energy in packing gifts. Some gifts come packed but people again pack the gifts to highlight value of the content and also to reveal their emotions towards the recipients. While most gifts don’t need additional packing, some pieces need extra care. Sensitive items should be packed in small gift boxes.

 These are packing items made of hard cardboard that provides the boxes a definite shape and functionality. A box has a container and a lid to close the container. Also it can be closed using tapes and decorated using colorful ribbons and other decorative items. A cardboard box is good for keeping glass items that need to be handled with care. Also it is suitable for packing fruits and cookies. When you are gifting an item that needs special care, then you should pack it in a box.

 Affordable way to pack an expensive gift

 A box won’t cost you much but it will improve value of the gift. You can buy a plain box and make it colorful and also decorate it with flowers, stickers and handmade images. It is easier to decorate a cardboard box as it accepts glue and pins. You can write message over the box or number the pieces, if you are distributing the boxes among masses.

 Cardboard can preserve food items for long time

 If you are gifting exotic then you should be extra careful with the care of the fruit. It must be packed in a pack that can preserve its taste and nutritious value for long time. Plastic pack isn’t suitable for keeping edible items as doesn’t allow fresh air to pass through. But cardboard is just perfect for keeping fruit items. Packed in a gift box with lid, the exotic fruits will become more valuable even than an expensive set of glass crockery.

 More suitable for keeping multiple items

 If you are making a wedding gift bag with goodies of different sizes and weight then consider using a gift box in which you can keep bottles, cakes, papers and even clothes. Gifting a box of goodies seems a better idea than gifting a bag. Also you can decorate the gift boxes to match with your wedding theme.

 More convenient than a bag

 No wrapping or packing is needed with a box. It has a lid that can be closed permanently with the help of tape, and the box can be placed with luggage and carried with other items.


 Packing improves the value of gifts, but its real objective is to keep the contents safe. Also, the packing material should be selected according to the gift items. If you are packing a wine bottle, you can choose a bag, but if you are packing quick snacks, fast food, water bottle and tissue papers with wine, then large gift boxes are the best choice.

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