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Mythical Creatures Popular Among Cultures

As kids we all have listened to the folklores from our grandmas and different mythological creatures were there in the stories. Every culture has a popular character that we always believed they exist and even if we have never seen them, somewhere deep inside our grown up bodies that little kid still feel it’s all true. We all have grown up listening to stories that had demons, giants, etc. Let’s find out the famous mythological characters around different cultures.

Mythical Creatures Popular Among Cultures

Dragons: Dragons are no doubt the most popular folklore creature which is depicted as a huge reptile that can breathe fire from its mouth and around the world it is very popular among various cultures, especially in China, Japan, Vietnam, and also in European folk stories. There are so many stories that glorify dragons and it is also a symbol of many countries too. As kids we would always want to have a dragon as our pet didn’t us? Well, at least I did.


Mermaids: Mermaids are, as told in popular stories, aquatic creatures that live under the sea. It has a head of a human but her whole lower body is of a fish, and obviously we have a famous Disney princess Ariel who is a mermaid. Even now many people still say they are real and it’s not just a myth.

Shape shifting serpents

Shape shifting serpents: In India, it’s impossible that you have never heard of story of a naag and nagin (male and female snakes). It is said that if a snake can live for 100 years without biting any living being they develop a power that can turn them into human form and also possess a gem which is precious than a diamond. There are many popular stories where the female snake takes revenge if you ever try to harm or kill her lover. Interesting isn’t it?


Fairies: Fairies are considered to have their origin around Europe but in modern days they are popular across the globe. We all are familiar with their appearance -- female body sprites with wings. We have thousands of children stories and movies involving fairies.


Vampires: They are the most popular ones during Halloween but people have shown lot of interest in these never dying creatures who drinks blood and can be recognised with two large fangs which they use for biting. However, the folklore of vampires come from European stories but is extremely popular worldwide.

By Rishabh Dwivedy

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