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With the passage of time, people are also getting more active about social awareness. Since plastic bags have been a great reason for the destruction of the environment, brown paper shopping bags have emerged as a boon. People are keen to opt the paper bags as they are reusable and recyclable. But, in this post, we will talk about how many ways; we can use these paper bags and make it more creative.

  1. Mushroom Keeper: I discovered early on that the best way to keep mushrooms fresh and stop them from becoming slimy was to place them in a paper bag. This way the extra moisture is absorbed while offering enough protection to keep them from drying out too quickly.
  2. Onion/Garlic Bags: It is best to store these culinary staples in a cool, dry location. You actually don’t need to keep them in the fridge, just toss them in a paper bag in a cupboard!
  3. Immediate Gift Wrap: By scalloping the top edge and including a bit of tissue-paper, brown bags result in amazing and stylish gift wrap.
  4. Windows Cleaning: You can also reuse old brown paper bags to clean mirrors and windows.
  5. Rehydrate Stale Bread: You can place stale buns in a paper bag, run it under a little bit of water then put it in the oven. The bag will assist the bread to become moist once more by creating a steaming affect.
  6. Fruits: You can simply put mangoes, avocados or any other fruit in a paper bag on the top of your fridge and hasten the process!
  7. Flower Pot cosy: If you are given a small potted plant as a gift and don't have a vessel for it then just cut a brown bag to size, or roll the cover of the bag over and stick the plant inside. You can also add a bow with some twine for a sweet all-natural look.
  8. Paper Mask: Kids find it satisfying to blow up old paper bags and smash them. Just cut eye holes and have them draw faces.

Remember, you can always reuse and recycle the bags when you are totally done with them, or also tear them up and use them in your compost. And don't neglect to reuse the brown Kraft paper bags that can help you in thousand ways.

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