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People Who Made It Despite Having Extreme Disabilities

We always complain about little things and always curse our fate on minute problems. But there are people who were either born with disabilities or got it later, however, that couldn’t stop them from surviving or reaching their destiny.

Here Are Some People Who Made It from Being Disabled to Most Successful.

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking: We recently lost a great personality and a super mind and who does not know about Mr Hawking. He was diagnosed with ASL at a very young age of 21 in which he got paralysed and couldn’t move. But he didn’t let this become an excuse as he is known to be one of the greatest physicists ever and till his death he did not stop his study on universe and quantum physics.

Helen Keller

Helen Keller: We all have cried watching her life story and we can only imagine how tough situation and life can be if you are born blind and deaf. But Helen was born to become an inspiration to the world. She was born as a normal child but very soon she lost her sight and power of listening. She with the help of her teacher Anne Sullivan created a new language for blind and deaf. She wrote 12 books and was member of socialist party and even campaigned for women and labour rights.

Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder: The most beloved singer was born blind as he was born six weeks earlier and the blood vessels behind the eye couldn’t reach at the front. But that doesn’t stop him from making music. He showed us what we couldn’t through his songs.


Sudhachandran: She might not be a very well-known name in west world but she is a popular Bharatnatyam dancer and a television actress in India. She was a dancer but her leg caught gangrene after a bus accident and it had to be amputated. This can be a nightmare for any person, especially for whom dance is everything but she continued dancing with prosthetic “Jaipur foot” and became inspiration to millions of people.

Frieda Kahlo

Frieda Kahlo: The famous Mexican artist who got injured during her teens and hurt her back and was forced into bed rest. But her injury never fully recovered. She got polio when she was six. However, during 20th century she was a famous artist with disability. Her famous art pieces include her self-portraits and herself sitting on a wheelchair. She was a fierce and strong person.

By Rishabh Dwivedy

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