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Planning a donation drive in a charitable cause is a way of doing something for the community around you and its people. You can plan a charity event to donate quite a few things like blood, clothes or any other item that you don’t need but someone else could use it to their benefit. But how much can you actually provide if you are alone? Create a group of similar people who can support and provide the essential commodities to help you succeed in the great initiative. Though sound easy, it is quite a difficult task to accomplish. The following steps might help you.

  1. Create a campaign to bring your close friends, family members and colleagues on board. You need to explain the people about the reasons which support your mission and what is the firm plan. You must tell the other members about their importance in creating a successful drive. Convincing them that the campaign is in a good cause and how it will help them to be seen as someone famous.
  2. Set target for everything you plan to do. Select the locations which can accommodate such type of programs. Selecting something too big or small may lead to unnecessary mismanagement issues. Try to get an estimate about the kind of impact you want to make and work accordingly to create a stockpile of the items to be distributed. You may also coordinate with the local charity homes to ask them about the requirement and plan to fulfil the needs. It will also help you to finalise the number of donors and the product they are donating. Keep a record of everything you do. Store the items in various brown kraft paper bags for easy identification and handling.
  3. Once you have set out a list of donors, have a conversation with them to provide the details of the role you want them to take responsibilities for. Ask them about some donations they would be offering and how much they want to participate in this noble cause. Though, you may request the people, never force them into Keeping the drive voluntary would help you avoid some unnecessary squabbles.
  4. After you have set-up everything, you must notify the concerned authorities about the program. Spread the words through print, digital and visual marketing. This will help you to make your plans known to the needy and the volunteers from different places alike which will improve the overall chances of making the event a successful one. Contact the local charity homes for easy distribution of the items collected.
  5. Always keep a smiling face while doling out the stuff to the needy people. Spread the awareness and warmth so that people can see how good you are at heart. Pack the items in small paper bags before giving them out.
  6. At the end of the day and after closing the program, always say a vote of thanks to all the people who made an effort to support you in completing the task. Share the accolades and honours among each other to create a team that will need less convincing the next time you plan something like this.

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