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Is it your turn to plan a party and you have been excusing yourself for silly reasons? Planning a party can be tiresome especially when you have a family or kids at home. Thought of endless shopping, cooking, cleaning, arranging and then on top of everything managing your everyday schedule is no easy job. No part of your home could be shabby, as all of the party pictures are posted on social networking sites and in minutes the world knows what your living room looks like.

Pre Party Preparations to Ease Your Stress of Hosting Parties

Let’s learn some simple yet budget friendly hacks to perfect the art of planning parties.

Perfect houses host perfect parties- Your house decor is going to play an important role in generating the vibe and feel of the party. Apart from being clean your house needs to be welcoming. So if you are having a theme party, it’s simple you can simply buy some tissue papers and make the steamers according to the theme. However, if not then too decorate your home with tissue paper flowers, pom-poms or garlands. In case it is a festive party you can even have wreaths on the doors. We are suggesting tissue paper wholesale because they are budget friendly, however, if saving is not your priority you can go for fresh flowers decor. Use large flower vases to divert attention from the corners of your house which you are not so proud of.

You can also make selfie frame using cardboard, paints and tissue paper. Make 3 to 4 of these different size frames in different themes and hang them around the party area. People will be busy clicking selfies and thus would need less of your effort in keeping them entertained.

Pre-cook or add some personal touch to frozen snacks- Start preparing snacks and food with longer shelf life well in advance. You can start your party cooking a week before and keep making small portions on a daily basis. This way you can save yourself from the overload of work. Do not try to cook everything at home. Maintain an optimal balance of home cooked and ordered food. You can even go for semi cooked meals, which are just needed to be fried, sautéed or micro waved. You can even add some home flavours to semi cooked food to give it a personal touch.

Help yourself drinks counter- Put all your bar accessories and glasses on a table and let everyone make their own drinks. Otherwise hosts’ spend a lot of time fixing drinks of the guests.

Return gifts- If you intend on returning favours to your guests, pack them well in advance. If there is someone at home who could lend you hand with wrapping gifts, do not wait until the last day rather buy wrapping papers and gifts at the earliest and hand them over to them. To save yourself from the task of wrapping you can even buy some gift bags online.

Go with disposable cutlery- This would save you from organising dishes. Taking out your best cutlery and then keeping them back is a huge task. Most of the time number of pieces breaks. Going disposable might not be the most sophisticated idea but is certainly the easiest. If you think disposable might hurt your social image you try creative ones like cutleries made from leaves or wood. They look class apart and yet bring you the convenience of disposing.

These are some ways you can be better prepared for parties and look forward to invite people rather than making excuses.

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