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A woman and her handbag go hand in hand. Whatever the size of the handbag may be, but you can see it in the hands of every woman. A bag may consist of the whole world of a woman and arranging it in a small space may be a big task as well. So if you are looking out for some hacks to organize your paper bags with handles in the right way, then here you are to learn some excellent tips for your handbag arranging chore.


Though it may seem a tedious task, but it is always better to categorize your things into separate categories. You may even consider this categorizing task as a time waste, but trust me it is essential to keep your things well in place. You just have to aim at separating the non-essential stuff from the essential things. You can use the compartments of your bag for keeping such things secluded from each other.

Set the papers and note aside

Your purse maybe having a lot of papers inside it, whether it is a simple tissue paper bulk or some paper that has official importance. Keeping such papers haphazardly arranged in your bags can cause the paper to tear and to get spoilt. So why reach such a condition? It is always a good idea to stuff all your bills, official papers and other paper goods in a separate pouch or an envelope so that it stays all in one place.

Don’t pack up your essential things

Cell phones, keys, etc. are some of the essential things that you keep in your purse and it is always better to assign them a separate place instead of packing them away.  Arranging and categorizing your things can help you to find out such things easily instead of digging up your bags.

Carry a compartment wallet

A wallet with separate compartment is essential to keep your ATM cards, ID cards and money aloof from all the things that you might be carrying in your purse. The next time you have to take out money, you will not have to search in all the compartments instead slip out your wallet and pay.

Clean the trash every day

It will hardly take five minutes, but if you plan to clean the trash every day, then you can carry a clean purse next day. All the wrappers, used tissue paper wholesale, unwanted bills and any unwanted items or paper products should be taken out from the bag and thrown away so that you have a decluttered purse every day.

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