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Do you always buy gift bags before going to a party? Going to a party means arrangements of gifts and gift bags, and if you have some spare time, then you don’t need to run to the general store to buy large gift bags wholesale for your gifts. You can make your own gift bags to carry your gift in style before going to the party. You can make use of your own materials and papers according to your choice and preferences to make your own handmade gift bags.

So here is a short guide for you to make your own homemade gift bags

Things required

For making pretty gift bags, you will need wrapping papers of your choice, tape. Rectangle hole punch, cardboard, scissors, tape, and other necessary stationeries.

How to start

Now if you are ready with all the essential things you can proceed further to make your paper bags.

Firstly take out all the wrapping papers that you have bought from the market and choose your favourite one.

Now lay your sheet on the table and start folding from both the left and right side. Fold the paper from both the sides and let them meet in the middle. Overlap one side on top of the other up to one inch and use the tape to seal it so that both the ends remained intact and pressed to each other.

Now the bottom of the bag is to be folded in the upward direction.

After folding it, you need to open it and fluff it a little bit to take the shape of a diamond. Hold both the corners of the folded part and turn it inwards to turn it into a diamond shape.

Now you need to fold the top corner and bottom corner of the diamond towards the inward direction and again paste it using the tape. Paste the tape properly so that it doesn’t come out and your bottom of the gift bag is ready.

Now you can open the bag from the top and punch holes at equal distances on both the sides.

Now after punching the holes on the gift bag, you can attach strings or ribbon to both the sides and get ready to carry your gifts in style in your own handmade paper small gift bags wholesale.

You can also stick some sequins or beautiful decorative things for your paper bags to have a more attractive look. You can also make use of printed ribbons for making the handles.

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