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Throwing a party on your baby’s birthday but bewildering with the return gift ideas for the day? If yes, this blog is for you. Return gifts are the new trend of today’s successful parties. It’s a matter of status and riches to reward the guests/friends with return gifts. These are the symbol of love, care and bond which works as a token of memory to the recipient.

Listed are the remarkable return gift ideas for your little one’s birthday: 

  1. Chocolates: Kids love chocolates and candies. They love these more than any scrumptious dish or drink. Chocolates are their childhood companion. Also, these are the easiest idea for a return gift. Put some chocolates and candies packed in a transparent wrapper, or a slip them inside the large gift boxes or bags. Gift each bag of chocolate to every child when the party is over. 
  1. Story Books: Chocolates are no doubt a great idea. However, if you want to encourage moral values, you can do it through story books, moral value books and comics. It is a great gift that enhances their reading habit while carving their personality. 
  1. Craft Kit: Boost kids’ creativity by gifting them a cost effective craft kit. Buy some coloured tissue papers, paint colours, white canvas and scissors. Wrap them together in a gift pack and let them go creatively. Kids would love to try their innovation using your craft kit. 
  1. Toys: Childhood is plain without toys. Little kids spend most of their time in playing with their toys; so, gift them one. Buy Barbie dolls or kitchen kit for little girls, and cars or paper puppets for the boys. Whenever they play with the toy you gifted them; they would feel happy. 
  1. Sports Accessory: Supporting sport, means supporting fitness. Why don’t you gift your baby’s friends a sports kit or an accessory? They could use in the playground and stay healthy and fit forever. Put these sports articles in large gift boxes with lids and get it packed if you want to. Sports accessories can be a great gift for the young lads and lasses who are in their growing stage of life.

There are hundreds of other ideas you can try. These gifts would make the kids extremely happy and also benefit them in some way or the other. So, make your kid's birthday a big hit!

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