Imagination is humankind’s biggest weapon, and it is the same thing that has made it possible for humans to venture this far into the world of science and technology. This weapon is what can turn many situations around, and all it requires is for you to think out of the box. Paper bag is one of those inventions that has been around for a very long time, but has been facing severe competition from materials that are stronger. Often it is claimed that this weak or fragile material produces more waste because it breaks so easily. But you know that isn’t entirely true, because ways are using which you could convert this fragile material into something much more beautiful and use it for something else than just carrying stuff. After all, there would be no waste if you don’t throw your stuff, right?

It is the exact way of thinking that promotes people to think in a way not many people do, and if the world did have an imagination as powerful, there would be no crisis regarding the waste disposal. Here are a few quick tips:

Background for Glass Paintings

Many people would smirk at the subheading, thinking that it isn’t possible to use brown paper bags for such purposes because of their colour. No, nobody is claiming that racism is involved, for the doubt is entirely justifiable, but the point is that a paper bags can indeed provide a fantastic background for glass paintings depending on their use. Also, not all paper bags are brown in colour; they are available in many different colors. Even brown ones can still be used as a background, and slight modifications could convert it into a painting itself.

Book Covers

Remember the times when we used to cover notebooks and books with brown papers? Although the art itself has disappeared in recent times, it does not actually mean it has become unnecessary, for the books still do get dirty and damaged due to our laze. Perhaps going out to purchase a brown paper is superfluous now, for a paper bag could turn into your book’s cover in case you do not want to use it anymore. Even if it is from a side, the use of an adhesive tape will fix it quite easily.

Wall Hangings

Brown paper bags with handles have been in trend for a while now due to their ease of use. Such bags could be converted into wall hangings quite easily because of the strings that are attached to them, or their paper handles. These hangings could be used for a variety of purposes, for storing a few items in them, or carving out a panel from the front and putting a photo of them to use them as an incredibly lightweight photo frame. Putting artificial flowers would be a fantastic idea as well.


It is said that an empty mind is a devil’s workshop, but in truth, it is just a workplace for your creative forces to work overtime. The one to save the environment has to be us, and to reuse resources is the best way to go about it.

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