Gift bags are the perfect alternative to wrapping papers. They not only ease the pain of gift wrapping but also provide a unique and dashing look to your gift. Everyone wants to have a gift bag that lasts for years and can reuse again and again. In such cases, the concept of reusable cloth bags fits best in the picture as they are not only reusable but also eco-friendly and inexpensive like white paper gift bags.

Reasons you should Use Cloth Gift Bags:

  • Easy to wrap:

It usually takes hours to wrap any kind of gift with wrapping papers and even then there is no guarantee of satisfaction. But by opting gift bags, one can do packaging part in seconds. Simply put your gift into bags, tie it with a ribbon and you are done!

  • Better look and Feel:

Well, this one is just state of mind but according to most of the people, the presents in gift bags are way appealing than the wrapped ones.

  • Reduce Waste:

When you use wrapping paper of various kinds you end up with creating a lot of waste wrapping papers and other elements. By opting for cloth gift bags you can get rid of this problem in a better way.

How to make reusable cloth gift bags:

The only negative point of this gift bags is that they need sewing. So before you start to go for designing your own gift bag of clothes you should have some things. You need to have some fabrics of your choice according to your need and occasion. You also must have a sewing machine to make a move. Once you have cross checked all ingredients you can take some steps further to design your own gift bag:

  • You need to figure out the desired size of the bag, and always opt for the taller size sheets from that you think.
  • Cut the sheets from the edges once you find out the desired sizes.
  • Put the cut pieces of the fabric and sew the three sides of them putting one on another, keeping the top side open.
  • Now fold it down, iron it and pin it. You can also opt for a zig zag sewing over it.
  • Now your gift bag is ready, simply put your gift in it and tie with some ribbons.

You should only go with reusable clothes bags if you are comfortable in sewing and have a lot of time. Else you can opt for the reusable cloth bags or paper gift bags with handles from any online retailer with awesome quality and cheap pricing.

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