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Imagine a day without bags. It seems almost impossible. Nowadays, major supermarkets and stores are also promoting the use of white and brown paper bags. They generally ask the customers during checkout about their preferred choice of bags to pack their merchandise.

Shoppers are always in the lookout for stylish and useful bags at affordable prices. A lot has been said about the hazardous plastic bags and their usage. Thus, with time more and more people have now been opting for eco-friendly and reusable paper bags at stores and turning their backs on plastic bags.

Globally people are exploring the benefits of using paper bags. Be it a toy store, cosmetic shop, grocery store, food takeaway outlet, bakery or a medical store, paper bags are being used everywhere.

Thus, bulk purchase your preferred packs of paper bags with handles from Pico Bags. We are a UK based e-commerce portal providing the best in class and superior quality bags to our patrons globally. Explore our portal to grab a vivid range of paper bags in various colours, patterns, designs and sizes.

paper bags with handles
We use superior quality Kraft paper to make our bags sturdy and long –lasting. Advertise your brand by using eco-friendly and reusable white paper bags from us and customise them by getting you logo, brand name and address printed on it. A good quality bag speaks a lot about your company and its products. Thus, do not compromise with the quality of bags. Always keep an extra count of bags handy in packs of 50, 100 or 200.

Grab personalised white paper bags and use them to distribute wedding favours by getting your personal message printed on them. Also pack gifts, cakes, chocolates or flowers to show how much you care for your friends and family.Stores and outlets provide paper bags with handles in different sizes to pack purchased items of customers during checkout.

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