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Globally shoppers are now opting recyclable and eco-friendly paper carrier bags to pack, carry and store their personal belongings. Say no to plastic and use brown or white paper carrier bags with strings during checkout to carry essentials .People are also being educated to carry their own bags to pack purchased merchandise.

A recent research reveals that  English population now carry their own bags when food shopping following the introduction of the 5p carrier bag charge a year ago.A similar study has been conducted by Cardiff University surveying 3000 people shows that nine in 10 shoppers now take their own bags, an increase from seven in 10 before the charge was introduced. It further states that one in 15 shoppers are now regularly taking single-use carrier bags at the checkout. The carrier bag charge has had a strong and positive impact on people’s attitudes and behaviours and that it successfully disrupted people using plastic bags.

paper carrier bags
In England, single-use carrier bag charge was introduced last October which has seen a significant drop in the usage of plastic bags from seven billion to just over half a billion within six months. The government also hopes to raise more than £730m from the levy. There has been a substantial growth from51% to 62% in the number of people who are supporting the carrier bag charge.The study reveals a significant increase in the number of people carrying their own carrier bags to shops other than supermarkets. For instance, reportedly one in two now regularly take their own bags when shopping for clothes and healthcare products, compared to only one in 10 before the charge was introduced. Retailers are now acting responsibly and encouraging shoppers to bring their own Bags for life while visiting supermarkets in order to reduce the use of plastic bags.

The Liberal Democrats have recently called for a 5p charge on disposable coffee cups in order to minimize their use suggesting that the charge would lead to two billion fewer paper cups being sent to landfill each year.


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