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Should you use cotton tote bags and paper bags just because they are environment friendly? There are many things that are lesser environment friendly but you use them. Why is there more focus on bags and not on other things? The environment is changing fast but there is a bigger danger from plastic that is choking our rivers and killing seas.

Consumption of bags

Figures of worldwide consumption of bags could be startling. They could be in billions. But a large number of these carriers go to garbage yards every morning. Plastic carriers have short useful life but their decaying time is surprisingly long. Switching to renewable bags will prevent the earth from becoming a dumping ground.

Renewable bags

While paper bags with handles are renewable because they are made of paper that is a natural fabric made from plant residue. These bags are more user-friendly than environment friendly. And it won’t be an exaggeration to say that environment safety is an added advantage of renewable carriers.

Let’s Discuss Advantages of Renewable Bags

1# They can be used again and again. It is simple. You don’t need to throw your paper or canvas carrier unless it shows signs of exhaustion like cracks and cut marks.

2# A black canvas tote bag is good for shopping, carrying personal belongings like gym clothes and books and for packing expensive gift items. Since black colour suits most dresses, it is also good for using as a fashion handbag.

3# You don’t have a better choice than a natural carrier for making gift bags. Whether you are making gift packs for wedding guests or for a promotional event like a social cause and launching a new product, you will find paper packing just perfect for your needs.

4# Plain cotton bags can be printed with brand names, logos, individual names, pictures and contact details for marketing.Users can even decorate these carriers with water colours and pencil drawings.

5# Paper, cotton and canvas carriers are simply great for packing anything from fragile items to climate sensitive vegetables and fruits. Also, it is easier to carry things packed in renewable carriers.


Cotton tote and paper bags have more uses than you can think of.They are durable; have multiple uses and good for everyone, including the planet that seems to be hijacked by plastic carriers. You can fold a paper bag to fit it into your pocket and also it can be stretched to accommodate home shopping.

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