Due to the adverse effects of using plastic bags excessively, globally people are now being educated to minimize their dependability on hazardous plastic carrier bags. People are being encouraged to switch over to eco-friendly and recyclable paper bags and save the planet. It is time to minimize the use of carrier bags too, and reuse them more and more before finally discarding them.Choose Pico bags for a wide range of pre-printed paper bags in various sizes, colours and patterns. We are a leading UK based online portal providing the best quality recyclable and eco-friendly paper bags for all occasions.

Research shows that the overwhelming majority of the English population now carries their own bags when food shopping following the introduction of the 5p carrier bag charge a year ago. The research further states that nine in 10 shoppers now take their own bags, an increase from seven in 10 before the charge was introduced. According to the research, less than one in 15 shoppers are now regularly taking single-use carrier bags at the checkout, as opposed to one in four shoppers before the charge. According to the lead researcher, Professor Wouter Poortinga the overall impact of the research has shown that the English carrier bag charge has had a strong and positive impact on people’s attitudes and behaviors and that it successfully disrupted people using plastic bags.

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Growing popularity:
People now openly accept the charge on carrier bags and have shown a significant growth from 51% to 62% in support in England for the charge. Over the next 10 years, the Government hopes to raise more than £730m from the levy, which has already seen the number of plastic shopping bags handed out by retailers in England drop from seven billion to just over half a billion within six months.

Responsible retailers
The retailers are now contributing more towards other social causes like charities or donation after the levy. A closer look at the data reveals a big difference in the way the carrier bag charge is now being dealt with by the seven major retailers (Tesco, Sainsbury’s Asda, Morrisons, M&S, Waitrose and Co-op). Asda, for example, announced recently that it would be passing its £1m carrier bag profits onto Scottish social enterprises.

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