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There are many things which we use in our daily lives. They become a part of our daily lives. These things include papers, crepe papers, bags, and many things. Paper is made from wood pulp, and tissue paper is made from paper pulp. The coloured tissue paper in UK is available in different sizes, patterns, and prints. They are lightweight and easy to carry. They are absorbent in nature. They are soft, tear-resistant and can be disposed of easily. They just like a normal paper are easily biodegradable hence recyclable.

Mostly they are used as an important item in kitchens and sometimes as toilet paper. They are also used as facial wipes. They are soft as cotton and used to wipeout makeup and sometimes tears. The table napkins are available in different sizes and patterns. Some of them are acid-free in nature, that is, they are buffered. The acid-free tissue paper in wholesale is used in museums especially for wrapping up of artefacts, historical dresses of battles, interleaving of books because they do not cause any reaction. They are also used to keep the wedding dress intact.

The wrapping crepe papers are thin and translucent in nature. They are mainly used in wrapping ceramic and glass goods. They have sometimes used in home decorative purposes also. The colourful tissues are used in craft works by implementing many DIY ideas. Many creative ideas can be used to decorate your house walls. Some of the DIY ideas you can try:

  • You can make some fringed flowers using them. Cut them into shreds and use the shredded tissues to make a cosy bed for your pet. With a card, board make a home for the pet.
  • Make a puff Garland for behind the table.
  • Make eco-friendly paper tassels using colourful tissues for the garlands.
  • You can use some designs on the walls to make your boring walls look interesting. You just need a paint brush and colours. Show your artistic nature by throwing colours on your walls.
  • You can also make pom-poms and hang them from the window panes.
  • Make some colourful butterflies using crepe paper and paste on the walls decoratively.
  • Get a bowl and fill it with water and stones collected from the beach. A pure art sometimes makes your home look beautiful.
Get an earthen pot. Paint it brown and then using craft make some origami designs on it.Put it on the centre table as a decorative item.

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