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Love isn't giving away expensive gifts and shedding your hard earned money. It isn't buying something out of your budget. It means loving your dear ones and expressing your emotions to them. You needn't buy pricey stuff to please your friends and family. All you need to do is to make them feel special and win their hearts.

You can gift them a beautiful bouquet, a gorgeous greeting card, or a mesmerising mini-scrapbook. This would take them on the tour of memories and pursuit of happiness. If someone cares about you, all they would want is your love and efforts. So, make some efforts in creating your own mini scrapbook using a paper bag and make the receiver happy.

Scrapbook means love, colours and memories. Follow the following steps to create your own mini-scrapbook and convey wishes with flying colours:

  1. Buy small paper gift bags to use them as a base (your mini-scrapbook). These can be as crystal clear as white, as earthly as brown, or can be colourful, having shades of different hues.
  1. In case you are aiming for a big, hefty album, you can use paper bags of different types, styles and sizes. For this, you must go for wholesale gift bags as they would be cheap (inexpensive) and are readily available in bulk.
  1. Join two or more gift bags together so as to create the pages of your scrapbook. You can make all the pages of same colour and pattern. If you want to go more creative and vibrant, use different shades and dissimilar types/styles of bags.
  1. Paste the pictures which share the memories of you and that person whom you are creating the scrapbook for! Write some cute text or quote to express your feeling and love for him/her. This would refresh all your memories and sweet moments that you spent with each other.
  1. Last but probably the most important is decoration. This is the step which you shouldn’t skip as it gives your scrapbook a complete look. Give your mini-scrapbook a theme. For example, a green forest theme by pasting leaves and flowers (dried or made up of paper), or a fancy look by sticking ribbons and fringes. You can also give it a jewellery box look by pasting cheap beads, pearls and jewels on the front (opening) surface.

Creativity has no limit; you can try different ideas, different steps and tricks to add charm and creativity to your mini-scrapbook. This creative small paper gift bags scrapbook would make a perfect gift for your loved ones and save you a fortune at the same time!

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