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Strange Gifts Celebrities Give to Each Other

When people like us think about giving somebody a gift we usually think of something they like and just wrap them in some gift wrapping paper and give it to the person concerned. Our gifts would either be a wine bottle, a Versace perfume or maybe even a tiffin box. However, celebrities have their own ways and choices of gifting their loved ones and it is pretty much justified because if you have the money, you can think beyond the normal. But even in the celebrities’ context, some took this gifting scenario to a next level.

Here are some strange gifts celebs have given to each other.

Human tooth necklace

Human tooth necklace: Scarlett Johansson gave Ryan Reynolds a strange gift which was a necklace but not a usual one. It was her recently removed wisdom tooth dipped in gold and then turned it into a pendant. Well isn’t it kind of gross as I wonder what he did to that necklace after their breakup.

10 Burger King restaurants

10 Burger King restaurants: This would be definitely the best gift anyone can get and this lucky person is Kim Kardashian. Yes, her husband Kanye West gifted her 10 Burger King restaurants as their wedding present. Kanye knows how to make her wife happy!

Ticket to outer space

Ticket to outer space: And this celeb is none other than Katy Perry. Yes for her then husband Russel Brand’s 35th birthday she bought two tickets for $10000 each for trip to virgin galactic but sadly before they could go, they decided to split.

A $12,000 bicycle

A $12,000 bicycle: Jennifer Aniston has been fond of cycling and best friend Courtney Cox took it pretty seriously and gave her a Chanel bike which had a quilted leather pad, 8 speeds and a jeweled pant clips worth $12000. Now I’m really looking down upon my bike. Long live Rachael and Monica’s friendship.

Gold bathtub

Gold bathtub: I really want this to be in the list because it is beyond my creative thinking, but Mike Tyson who was at the peak of his boxing career in the 80s married Robin Givens and gifted her 24-carat gold bathtub worth $2 million. He later in 2014 sold it after the his divorce.

By Rishabh Dwivedy

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