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Globally more and more people are realizing the benefits of carrying eco-friendly and recyclable bags. There have been awareness programs in many parts of the world to make people understand the ill effects of using hazardous plastic bags. Plastic bags have become a huge threat for us and our environment. Today, they are a major cause of water and air pollution. Once disposed in the open , they take years and years to decompose and also emit toxic gasses when burnt. They enter our natural water bodies through rain water and pollute water and aquatic animals excessively. Most of the countries have partially or completely banned the use of plastic bags. In order to save our planet, major supermarkets and stores are now also providing brown paper bags to clients during checkout. The customers can easily pack their purchased merchandise in these eco-friendly bags and reuse them a number of times before finally discarding them. Always choose Brown paper bags from Pico Bags at reasonable rates in packs of 50,100 or 500.We are a UK based online portal providing best quality brown paper bags for all occasions. Browse through Pico Bags and avail brown paper bags in various designs, patterns and sizes.

Superior Quality Carrier Bags pico bags

Stock up your store by taking advantage of carrier bags on sale. Bulk purchase carrier bags in various colors, designs, patterns and sizes. Customize them as per need  and use them  for gifting purpose. Get your personal message printed on them and pack gifts and flowers for loved ones on festivals. Personalize carrier bags by using your imagination to promote your brand effectively in front of potential customers. Get your logo, address, tagline and other details printed on the carrier bags and use them to pack purchased merchandise of clients on a regular basis. Good quality and attractive carrier bags is a very important tool to advertise your brand in front of customers.

Bulk purchase brown paper bags and carrier bags from Pico Bags at reasonable rates and use them to pack, carry and store items on a regular basis.


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