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The Most Bizarre Traditions and Rituals Around the Globe

World is full of cultures and every region follows their age old customs and traditions. We all being from different parts of the world have some weird traditions that we sometimes find it funny and we often feel like why do we even have to follow them. But you have no idea how bizarre and creepy traditions are followed in different countries. Here are some you should know:


Famadihana: This can be translated as dancing with the dead and it might make you think what it could be. Well, it’s a tradition in Madagascar where people bring their ancestors body from their graves and wrap them in white clothes and dance. This is spooky as well as senseless and nowadays this tradition is declining.

It’s bad to be on time

It’s bad to be on time: We know what the biggest problem we all have to face is – that is to be on time! Yes at least for me it’s the hardest thing to do. It doesn’t matter how much I try, I always end up being late. However in Venezuela, it’s considered bad to be right on time. They expect you to be late, otherwise they consider you to be greedy and too eager.

Bride and groom clean the mess at their own wedding

Bride and groom clean the mess at their own wedding: Whenever we think of a wedding, we always think about giving the bride and the groom some gifts in beautiful gift boxes. But have you imagined breaking things and let bride and groom clean everything can be a tradition too. Well there is! It’s a German tradition where the friends and family break everything and the couple has to clean it to show that they can work together in difficult times. Seriously……

Eating the dead’s ashes

Eating the dead’s ashes: In Brazil and Venezuela, the Yonamamo tribe are known to eat the ashes of their deceased member. After the person is dead, the body is burned into ashes and consumed by every member of the family to remember them forever. We all surely miss if someone we love passes away but eating their ashes…ummmmm that’s a little too much.

No bathroom for three days

No bathroom for three days: For how long you can control your pee, two hours, four hours or maximum it can be a day. But can you imagine not going to bathroom for three consecutive days that too when you are getting married. Yes there’s another lame custom in Tidong tribe of Malaysia and Indonesia where bride and groom cannot use toilet for three days, which means no bathing, defecating or urinating to have happy married life as the couple can survive with meagre food and water. Aren’t they taking it too literally?

Rishabh Dwivedy

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