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Our world utilizes paper in different ways. Rather than using it as wrappers and raw material for DIY projects, you can use them for cleaning and maintain hygiene in the form of tissue napkins.  With the course of time, tissue paper has become an important part of everyone's daily life. People expect to get help with tissue papers especially when they have kids at home. The reason is they can get their kids engaged with various Krafty ideas and DIYs.

There are loads of crafts that are made daily with the ease by using colours  tissue paper sheets. There are many options of colours as well as designs.

  • Let us start up with the sea green squares of tissue papers, then place the tip of the pencil, eraser into the middle of the tissue paper and twirl it around the pencil.
  • Smoothly attach it to the procession of glue on the edge of the circle. Untwist the pencil and put down the tissue paper attached to the circle. Continue until all the four-sided figures are used. This will make a beautiful wall or door circlet.
  • Stain glass-like knick-knacks can also be shaped using squares of a paper Materials for this scheme include a roll of synthetic wrap, scissors, coloured tissue paper, a glue stick and a few crafting felt.
  • The draw round shapes of Christmas plants, stars, chimes, and angels that can be easily cut from two sheets of black felt that is stacked jointly. The result is a corresponding duplicate draw round of a plant, star, bell or angel.
  • A four-sided figure of plastic wrap is laid flanked by the two pieces of the Christmas prototype outline, and the remaining two sketches are then glued jointly with the sheet of plastic between them. Spruce off any surfeit plastic from around the felt ends with a pair of cutters.
  • Coloured tissue paper squares can be attached to the plastic wrap. Gold or silver hooks can hang the pattern and detain the illumination of the Christmas tree when hanging on its twigs. These knick-knacks look like real stain glass bits and pieces.

For all these crafts, always get coloured tissue paper supplies from certified wholesale retailers.

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