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When plastic carriers took a toll on the environment, people started hopping on the paper bag stores.  This is because of the easy accessibility, cheap costing and its eco-friendly nature. A paper carrier has become an active member of our houses, doing the best things for us. Some use it for shopping down the streets; some people keep their clothes safe in them. When used for months, some utilise it as a bin, and some re-purpose them as their book covers and gift wraps.

But only a few intelligent beings enter the brown paper carrier bags into their kitchen and pantry. Believe it or not, this is probably the best things one can do with the brown paper bags with handles. They do some really good job in there and change your lives for the better. Want to know how they help you? Let’s go. 

  1. Healthiest Way To Carry Food

Brown paper bags are better than any other carrier to carry your lunch. People used to put and carry their food in plastic carriers which led them to several complications and life-threatening diseases like cancer. Yes, it is true. Studies reveal that keeping freshly cooked food or hot eatables in the polyethene carriers or plates is hazardous to health. It’s because plastic releases a chemical (when in contact with hot food) that can cause 32 types of cancers. On the other hand, the paper packs are not just safer but also easier to carry. These are the healthier way to carry your food to office, school or travel. 

  1. Keep Fruits & Veggies Fresh for Long

Many fruits release a gas called ‘ethylene’ so as to ripe themselves naturally. A brown paper pack keeps the gas inside and speeds up the ripening process of most fruits like bananas, mango, avocados, pears and kiwi fruit. Also, the vegetables like mushrooms can also be stored in the brown carriers and kept fresh and palatable for many days. 

  1. Dry The Herbs In Your Pantry

Do you live in flats where it is tough to get enough sunlight for your herbs to dry. Want to dry herbs and store them at a safe place to use them for a long time? Brown paper sacks can help. Herbs, when kept in these sacks, dry easily and early. Yes, it can take a bit longer time for this process but is easily done. Keeping herbs, spices and other eatables in brown carriers keep dirt and dust away. 

No need to buy new bags for this purpose, you can use your old (but clean) brown kraft paper bags in your kitchen and get all the listed benefits in one fell swoop. Apart from all, you can use them to keep your cookbooks and label your containers and jars. So, buy them today, and lead a quality life.

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