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Probably most of the people that you have met claim paper bags are boring regarding looks and perhaps the reason why they believe this is so is because according to them the only thing that counts as paper bags are brown paper bags. While you cannot blame them for thinking this way, you can, however, point out their ignorance, for paper bags don’t only come in brown colour. A website called has a bunch of different varieties even in paper bags, that takes away the entire “boring” concept and replaces it with impressive and innovative ideas that could potentially change everyone’s outlook on paper bags.


The first thing that kills the very urge to purchase a paper bag in people is the colour. So perhaps the easiest way to change this would be to offer a variety of colours. PicoBags has successfully thought out how this can be done and provides paper bags in colours like White, Black, and of course, Brown, while consistently adding newer shades to their lineup. Just a change in colours makes the bags look so much more attractive, for some reason.


The first thing that was annoying about paper bags was the lack of comfort for holding them. If a paper bag comes without an essential element – something to keep it by – then how it is practical? The question is what brought with the addition of handles to paper bags. PicoBags, again, offers variety by providing different types of handles, like brown paper bags with handles UK, white ones, black ones, and many other types of paper bags with rope handles, twisted handles, and so on. What is different about these bags in comparison to others you find in the market is their rigidity and their practicality, and that changes everything.


It would be monotonous if all paper bags were of the same size, same colour, and same type. It would also be mostly useless if the sizes were the same, for not all products are of the same size, and not everyone purchases equal amounts of commodities. Thus, at the website, you can find small brown paper bags that are 18 x 22 centimetres in size as well as medium 22 x 25 and large 25 x 30, and in numbers depending on your usage. 

Still, think paper bags are boring and monotonous? The website takes feedbacks, and also offers a variety of other types of paper bags that have not been mentioned.

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