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Tissue papers are known for several different purposes. However, craft activities are the most popular one. Nowadays, people buy tissues to try their flair and hone their skills of craft and creativity. But when it comes to craft mostly people try the similar kind of crafts using crepe sheets such as tissue paper flowers, tissue pompoms, dancing dolls and crepe paper garlands etc. But there are several other fun crafts that you might haven’t heard of are made using tissue papers.

This time, Let’s try something out of the box, using the coloured crepe sheets.

  1. Fringes & Confetti: Coloured crepe papers are cheap material to make fringes and confetti out of it. The colourful fringes and confetti is the staple of every fun party. So, why don’t make use of those tissue paper wholesale to make this colourful treat? Apart from this, you can also make small umbrellas using crepe sheets on the straws to make the drink flags. This would lift up the mood of the party!


  1. Tissue Paper Lanterns: The luminaries and lanterns made using light and bright crepe sheets is a beautiful thing to see. All you need is the sheet of a coloured crepe sheets. Pick a popcorn case and make the similar structure using the crepe sheet. Put a light bulb underneath it. Also, you can make cute faces, or even ghost faces on the coloured sheets of crepe papers.


  1. Window Sun Catchers: The tissue papers are the great tools to make these wonderful window suncatchers at the festivities such as Easters, Christmas and Halloween etc. It will not just brighten up any room in the home but would also make the kids giggle and smile as they point out their creation. This creation looks extremely attractive and a masterpiece if made right.


  1. Tissue Paper Crown Head Band: Want to look like a princess or the fairy of the castle that you looked in the movie? Why not give tissue papers a try. It would be cheap and creative. All you need is to assemble the crepe sheets of different shades and cut out fringes, flowers, buds, leaves etc. from it. Mix and match different colours to make the colourful headband crown for you or your little princess.


Tissue paper crafts are fun. Make sure you try different crafts everytime to explore your creativity and skills. Sticking to one craft everytime can be boring so be daring and try new every time. Let us know when you make your masterpiece!

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