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Tissue paper or simply tissue is a light weight paper and can be made from recycled paper pulp. It is an excellent absorbent and also an attractive range of paper. The highest water absorbing applications are produced with a through air drying (TAD) process. This gives a large paper a high strength and good water holding capacity. It is most commonly used for making crafts, home decorations, party pom-poms and even for wrapping gifts. Paper has been used for centuries for creative purposes. Buy tissue paper in bulk to use it more.

Customs of wrapping gifts is age old. Centuries back people use to wrap the gifts with satin or silk cloth. With the invention of paper came the trend of wrapping paper. Tissue wrapping paper sheets were certainly more affordable than silk or satin; eventually, everyone be it rich or poor switched to the exceptional range of tissue papers.

Restaurants and food industry even use acid-free tissue papers. These beautiful sheets could be used as baking paper and for wrapping dry snacks like burgers, sandwiches, etc.

Tissue wrapping paper is a type of thin, translucent tissue paper used for packing/wrapping various articles and cushioning fragile items, stuffing in shoes/bags, to keep shape intact or while packing/ folding to keep them wrinkle free and safe. It comes in various colors and patterns, giving a nice vibrant, soothing feel to the packing item.

Tissue paper production and consumption are predicted to continue to grow because of various factors like urbanization, increasing disposable income and consumer spending though there has been a continuous debate on advantages and disadvantages of using tissue paper.


These colorful sheets are used to make beautiful crafts and decoration pieces. Listed below are the articles one could make using tissue paper.

  1. Tissue paper flower
  2. Tissue paper pom-poms
  3. Wreaths
  4. Paper dolls
  5. Garlands

It is a fabulous substitute for origami papers, which are expensive and available in limited colours.


It is often argued that these sheets are made using wood pulp thus involve cutting of trees and forests. This process harms the environment and in times when pollution is increasing, there is a dire need of trees plantation.  

Paper industry has been accused of deforestation through legal and illegal means. Paper industry is doing their bit to minimize the impact of deforestation by planting ten new saplings for every one tree cut, it will take years for these seedlings to grow but the new young plants can take three times the carbon-di-oxide as compared to the old trees.

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