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With the arrival of winter festive season, kids get excited as they would get a chance to test their creative flair and get to do some craft! Also, Christmas is very famous for homemade crafts and creative décor. Whether it’s a snowman, Santa or tassel garlands, kids love to create something relatable and decorate their living room. When we talk about Christmas crafts and fun activities, we can’t move forth without mentioning the role of “tissue papers.”

tissue Paper Wholesale

Tissue papers are the best craft supply that is also cost-effective. It can be used to make several different crafts to adorn your place on the festivity. However, Christmas tree made of light crepe papers looks the best. Let’s learn to make tissue paper Christmas tree craft for a creative home décor on the festival.

Materials You’ll Need:

  • Green tissue paper sheets (or roll)
  • Red tempera paint
  • Square shaped green glaze paper
  • A pencil
  • Glue gun
  • Stapler & Scissor
  • Craft materials such as pom poms, yarn, sequins, tinsel, etc. for decoration

Steps to Make the Christmas Tree:

  • Take your green coloured tissue paper wholesale UK and cut out a hover from the sheet.
  • Cut the hover down the middle. You will utilise one portion of the hover to influence your Christmas tree.
  • Use your pencil to draw a line on one side of the green half circle. Turn the paper so as to make a shape of a cone.
  • Cover whatever part is left on the green half circle with the help of green glaze paper squares and put some glue onto a little area of the paper. Take one glaze paper square and wrap it around the eraser end of a pencil. Tenderly press the square paper onto the paste utilising the pencil. Deliberately expel the pencil. Your glaze paper will stay on the paste.
  • Proceed until the point that your tree is totally secured with green paper. Give the paste a chance to dry overnight.
  • Once the paste is dry, overlay the paper into a cone shape and staple into put.
  • Beautify your tree! You can get started with pom poms in different shades. However, you can utilise any art material you'd like-sequins, yarn, and so on to adorn your Christmas tree.
  • Paint the tissue paper move for the storage compartment of your tree. You can paint it dark coloured for a more sensible tree trunk or red for an occasion shaded tree. After the paint has dried, make some little cuts around one end of the tissue roll. Crease them down.
  • With the help of your glue gun, place paste on all the subsequent tabs. Put the stuck end into the cone tree and let it dry.

You’re done. Feeling inspired? Buy green tissues from coloured tissue paper suppliers, assemble all the material and get started. Tissue paper Christmas tree is a great craft to celebrate your Christmas with.

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