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Working long hours, missing family gatherings, struggling to meet deadlines, impressing the bosses with project reports, waiting for an appraisal, ignoring a lot of things when it comes to your office and your work are some of the things that anyone working in the IT sector will be familiar with. When you struggle so much to meet your goals, and you are also responsible for the growth or progress of the company, the company also appreciates your hard work.

Celebrations are usually organized in the end of the project in any IT company these days. The team members go out themselves or celebrate the long or short projects, and its successful completion. Or the management also organises team dinners, gift baskets or weekend getaways for applauding the members for their hard work. Here are a few out of the ordinary ideas on what the businesses can do for the project teams. After all, the team members’ are hard working humans who like to be appreciated.

  • Send them certificates in mini brown paper bags to their postal address. Receiving a certificate of appreciation differently is a more exciting thing than the regular handing over the certificate by the VP or unit head.
  • Send another gift voucher or a letter of appreciation, again packed in brown paper to their permanent homes. Their family members will be thrilled to know the wonderful work that is being done in your organization and the parents will feel proud of their kids.
  • On one of the Friday evenings, play a guessing game. Ask the team mates to get something for each other and wrap everything in identical paper bags. The fun is in guessing what lies inside. Be sure to get useful and helpful things that are permitted in your organization.
  • The good idea is to order these brown paper bags in bulk and custom print the names of the team members on them. This way the bag itself will also be a memoir of the successfully delivered project. If there is any specific logo or project symbol that too, can find itself on this bag which can store the individual gifts that can be handed over to the teams.
  • Buy the paper carrier bags to donate things to charity or the children’s welfare NGO of your choice. For every successful project, you can gift the kids there some useful items like crayons, pencils and erasers, all wrapped in these great corporate looking brown paper carriers.

Of course, this is all sponsored by the organization as a part of the talent retention initiatives.

The above ways are worth a try and can be different between companies that value its talent Vs those that do not.

In summary, paper carry bags find many uses in gifting and once in a while pot luck in brown paper carriers is also a good idea for the businesses to make the project team motivated to excel even beyond what they achieved.

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