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Hygiene is one thing that nobody can ignore. You must be sure that you keep yourself hygienic by following whatever it takes. Washing hands is not possible whenever we are out. Hence, a tissue paper is something that has now become significant for all. The consumption of light crepe sheets has increased worldwide as it has taken the standard of hygiene to another level.

Every child and every youngster prefer tissue paper over the handkerchief. Reason being, a crepe paper is obviously more sanitary and also disposable. Also, it beats the cotton piece of clothes as it is softer, fluffy and highly absorbent.

Use and throw system has made it easy for the users and they can consume a crepe sheet whenever and wherever they want. It is advisable to keep a box of crepe sheets with you because it acts like your best friend. But its usage is not limited to just hand wiping. It is used for several different creative purposes as well which has enhanced their worth in the world.

There are many types of tissue papers:

Facial tissue: Feeling like washing your face? Get a box of facial tissue wipes. These are chemical free and sold in different aromas; the fragrance will give you a scented feeling. This is best for women and is a must for them. These help you clean your face and remove your make-up too.

Hygienic tissue: This type of light crepe kept you far away from infections and used in toilets for hygienic purpose. It makes sure your hands are cleaned properly.

Wrapping tissue: A wrapping paper is used to wrap gifts. They are available in vibrant colours like red, green, yellow, orange, blue and more. They are also used for doing some artwork like you can create a gift box or a sweet box, or a pretty bag can be created out from them.

Table tissue: A table napkin helps to clean hands after meals. When you go inside a restaurant, you will find a diverse variety of crepe sheets. Such light crepe sheets are applicable in household works also.

Acid-free tissue: You can also use them to cover different items or pricey stuff at home to safeguard them from dirt, dust or moisture. Women and newly wedded brides use acid-free crepe papers to wrap their expensive jewellery and keep it safe for years.

Craft tissue: These are a great tool for the craft freaks who want to create a masterpiece using something comely yet cheap. They buy the coloured craft crepe sheets in bulk and make different craft pieces at home.  

Specialty Crepe: These crepe sheets are used for special purposes. They are used to keep delicate things safely like a pair of glasses. As a stuffing in bags and shoes, this type of crepe sheets makes a difference.

You can get these captivating types of crepe sheets from tissue paper wholesale suppliers as such shopkeepers keep tissues for sure. Its various types are categorised as they possess different properties as per their usage.

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