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Wrapping gifts is an art. While you may have chosen the best gift for your loved ones, but your job is not over yet. You still need to wrap it with a beautiful look. There are so many ways you can do this yourself easily. Here are some of our luxury wrapping paper techniques that can help you making special gift wrap.

Use of Newspaper:

This is the classic method of adding a unique twist to your new gift. You can simply wrap your gift in newsprint. In case you want to get more creative then you can use special sections of a newspaper like stock quotes, classifieds, sports page or comics.

Vintage Look:

You can provide your gift with a vintage look using white or plain paper, especially when tied with twine. There is another way to customise the plain paper by a stick on papers, pictures, or drawings to make it fun as well as meaningful.

Game Wraps:

You can score well with game wrapped gift packages. Just find any old game board which you don’t use currently or some of its pieces are missing. Cut the game board to size and pack your gift in it.

Repurpose Wrapping:

You should always think out of the box if you want to make something more creative, innovative and unique. Simply put a gift inside all types of things like an old briefcase, pillowcase, empty cracker or cereal box.

Glass Jar:

The hermetic glass storage jars make for some of the perfect wrapping options there. They can be both beautiful and practical. You can put a lot of stuff in them with heavy construction and wide mouth opening of these jars. If you have some loose space in jars then you can simply put candy bars, canes or other edible items in it.


Sometimes you don’t need wrapping papers to wrap gift as you can use them as it is. Like if you are giving clothing and other items you can use clothing as a wrapper.

Personalised Wrapping Paper:

Many times, the best wrapping ideas come from your own piece of creativity. With some little tie and creative thinking, you will come up with all sorts of methods to reuse the paper or clothes to come with wrap ideas. With this, you can make more personalised and charming gift wrap solution.

So wrapping is not a rocket science, the more creative you can get, the better it will be. So have fun with it! You can opt for wholesale wrapping paper if you need them for bulk gift wrapping in inexpensive way. The perfect gift wrapping ideas will always be the ideas that you come up with on your own.

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