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Whenever we talk about gift, we also plan for wrapping it. We all have been used to our traditional way of gifting. Like use any special kind of wrapping paper and make our gifts look amazing. But in case you don’t have wrapping paper what will you do? Well, here is awesome solution. Just opt for a perfect alternative of wrapping paper and you are done. Here are some great alternatives of luxury wrapping paper that can make your gift amazing.

Reusable gift wrapping

Employing a decorative handkerchief instead to gift wrapping isn't just amazing, but totally helpful. The decorative wrap may repeatedly be utilized to wrap different gifts, or even worn with the recipient as a 2nd gift.

Tote gift totes

Fill a decorative bag with snacks to surprise friends and family with a gift within a gift. Easy, economical and much easier than dealing with all the woes of wrapping paper

Mason Jars

Mason jars are the present wrap solution for so many things -- from biscuits and hot cocoa mixture to mulled wine and succulents. Add a cute ribbon, little gift label or a thin coating of cloth to the lid for additional pizzazz.

Recycled newspaper

The newspaper provides a timeless look to your gifts. Accentuate the starch white and black letters with a gorgeous ribbon, or possibly a couple of strands of twine. As an alternative, you may use the comic section of the paper to provide presents with a lively look to them great for children.

Distinct Shopping bags

Are you going to gift a world traveller? Do it the ideal way with presents wrapped inside channels. Add an elegant, purposeful touch to the holiday season that demonstrates you care of your buddies' passions.

Decorative lunch bags

Do not underestimate the creative chance that brown lunch bags have to offer you. This easy-to-make project can easily be improved with a couple of bows and ribbons.

Unique gift bags

Reuse your old style catalogues, magazines and shopping bags to create gift bags for the holiday season. This simple DIY only requires a couple of minutes but seems like it took a lot longer.

Trader Joe's update

Change your dull paper supermarket bag to a masterpiece. Just cut down the bag, turn it so that the pattern is on the interior along with also the plain brown part is about the exterior. Wrap your present and decorate with ribbons, twine, ribbons or whatever your soul desires.

Balloon Present

If you are using your money, get creative with your own delivery. Forget the badly implemented gift wrapping you generally use in parties. This season, fill out a transparent balloon with confetti and your financial gift. The interesting part is when the receiver must pop said balloon to acquire the money.

So, now you have a lot of ways to adorn you gift instead of cheap wrapping paper. These ideas not only provide you better looking gifts but improve your imagination and creativity.

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