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Whether you are going for a shopping, event, office, school, or anywhere else, sometimes you just need to carry a small bag to put small and essential products in that bag. There are various kinds of bags available in the market that varies according to the size, style, print, material, and various other factors. Also, various brands get their bags printed with their logo that can also serve the advertisement purpose. Nowadays, many organisations that prepare such bags usually emphasize on preparing bags that are eco-friendly and durable. So, before looking for Paper Bags, you should be aware of the variety of carrier bags so that you could choose the right one according to your purpose.

Variety of Carrier Bags You Should Know

Different Varieties of Carrier Bags

Here is a wide range of variety of carrier bags that you should know about:

1. Paper bags

Paper bags are prepared keeping in mind the protection of the environment as they are prepared from the trees and after composition, these paper bags are converted into the soil nutrients. This is the reason that they are eco-friendly.

Paper bags can be further classified as:

  • Flat handle paper bags: Flat handle paper bags are usually used for take-away purposes and mainly used by restaurants to pack sandwiches, burgers, or other eatables. These bags are prepared in such a way that they are affordable in price and sturdy to use. They are perfectly designed for the food products
  • Rope handle paper bags: The paper bags with rope handles are usually luxury bags that can be found in different vibrant colours and prints. These bags are usually preferred by different brands as the material used is of high quality and therefore, brands use it to showcase their reputation.

2. Bags for Life

Bags for life are usually long-lasting and reusable bags which can be used for carrying any kind of shopping items.

Bags for life can be further classified as:

  • Cotton bags: Cotton bags are undoubtedly a bag for life because of its durability factor and can be used as an ideal wholesale carrier bag. It gives the flexibility to the user to carry heavy weight in a single bag.
  • Jute bags: Since jute is prepared naturally and it is fully sustainable fibre, therefore, it is considered as the best eco-friendly bag that is ideal for carrying wine bottles or lunch boxes.

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