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Have a friend’s birthday coming up? Do not know what to gift him or her? Bored of the good old gifts? Want to give them something different and unique? There are so many questions but not even a single piece of useful information. But you need not to worry as you are in the right place. Gifting is a critical practice and can make or break relationships. Ever tried making a picture collage for a gift? Think about it. It will have the most personal touch anyone can imagine and it is easy as hell to make. In addition to this, it is a much more creative way to gift someone something. Read on!

There are a few things you will need to make this picture collage a reality. They are –

  • A Photo Frame – You would need a photo frame to put the resultant collage inside and make it presentable. You can go for any type of a photo frame. I would suggest you to stick to something classy rather than something too flamboyant.
  • Scissors and Glue – For cutting out and sticking the pictures.
  • Coloured Pastel Sheet – Get a thick and coloured A4 pastel sheet. Make sure that the colour is not too dull or dark as it will take away from the beauty of the collage.
  • Photos – You would obviously need the photos to paste on the pastel sheet. Choose photos that were taken on special occasions. I would suggest you stick to photos that are very special to you and your friend. This may be something important, funny, emotional or memorable.
  • Something To put it in – Believe it or not but it matters. Simply giving it to your friend is not wrong but it is not classy. Remember; always be classy in whatever you do. So, buy one of those small paper gift bags and once the collage is done, put it inside the bag.


  • Get the photos and cut them out.
  • Get the pastel sheet and cut it out in the shape of the photo frame. Make sure you leave out a little extra area for the sheet to be able to fit inside the photo frame perfectly.
  • Paste the photos on the cut-out pastel sheet. Paste them in a haphazard way so that there is no monotony. Once you have pasted all the photos, you can also make borders around them to accentuate them. Try and add captions under each photo to add to the creativity.
  • Finally, fit the resultant photo collage inside the photo frame. Voila! There you go. The perfect gift for your friend is ready. It’s handmade, it’s authentic, and it’s beautiful.
  • Now put the photo frame inside the bag you have and gift it to your friend.
Hope you liked the idea. You can also make modifications to this idea. For instance, instead of the photo frame, you can make a photo collage the size of the entire pastel sheet. That would take more time and effort but would definitely be a gift to remember. I would recommend that you choose a subtle and simple looking paper gift bag from wholesale gift bags retailers for keeping this beautiful collage.

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