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What Are Different Handle Types of Brown Paper Gift Bags?

It is a handle that improves the visual appeal of a paper carrier. It is a handle that makes a bag fully functional. You hold brown paper gift bags from their hand grip. And when you want to determine the strength of a carrier, you hold it firmly from its handles and then try judging its weight and depth.

Let’s See Different Types of Hand-grips and Understand How Handles Change the Outlook of Bags


Most beautiful of all handle types, ribbon adds a luxurious feel to the carriers. It is chic and it comes in an attractive range of colors including pink and violet. Ribbon hand-grip is used for designer types of handbags that are also called fashion handbags. These carriers are designed for carrying lightweight items like notepad, baby products, cosmetics, stationery and gifts. Carriers with ribbon handles are real gift bags.


Cotton fibers are roped together to make a strong fiber that can be used for carrying bags. These handles are cost effective that the chic ribbon but cotton also gives the look and feel of ribbon. Also, it can be colored in any color including pink and violet. The rope made with cotton fibers is stronger than ribbon. It adds strength to the carrier and for this reason these paper carrier bags are used for carrying bulkier items like grocery.

Twisted paper

It is a cost-effective option in comparison to ribbon and cotton but it has its own charm. Manufacturers use twisted paper handles for two reasons – cost cutting and time-saving. It is easier to make hand-grips with paper than ribbon and cotton. But it doesn’t mean that twisted paper handles wear poor look or give a rugged feel. They look stylish and fashionable. Twisted paper handles are also available in a wide range of color choice.

Folded paper

It is the most natural and minimalistic choice of brown small paper bags with handles. A length of a standard paper is folded at the ends to make hand grip. The handle is then attached to a carrier. It is cheaper than other options but it is in no way inferior to others. It looks natural and it is as strong as cotton the rope is. The folded paper handle is advantageous for bags used in retail outlets. It is good for carrying confectionery items, fruits, books, garments and other necessary items. Also, it can be recycled with the carrier. It also comes in different colors.

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