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Paper carriers are great for many things other than carrying shopping and packing. Would you believe that these bags can give you quality paper that you can use for making scrapbooks, table mat, lining drawers and shelves and also for cleaning windows? And it hardly matters whether you are using brown or Kraft paper bags.

Let’s See Some Creative Uses of Paper Carriers

  1. Homemade popcorn

Popcorns are great when you are hungry and need something to eat quickly. You can easily make a cup full of popcorns and savor the snacks with butter and salt. A paper carrier can give you an excuse to prepare popcorns whenever you want to suppress your hunger pangs. Also, popcorn is a healthy food.

  1. Serve snacks

You can not only prepare popcorns in paper carriers but you can even serve popcorn in paper. It is exciting to use paper for serving snacks like chips, popcorns and roasted groundnuts and peanuts. Colored pink paper bags full of snacks will look more inviting. But the biggest benefit of using paper carriers for chips and popcorns is that the snacks will remain safe from moisture that can dilute the taste, if the snacks are served in regular plates.

  1. Ripen fruit faster

You can keep juicy fruits fresh for long time in paper carriers. You buy fruits but you always buy ripen fruits. You keep the food items in refrigerator but refrigeration reduces nutritious value of fruits. You have paper carriers at home but you don’t how to use these bags for keeping fruits fresh. You need buying unripen food like bananas, pears and peaches and keeping the fruits in carriers.

  1. Collect compost

Why don’t you usepaper for serving fruits? Or you can keep bags on table for collecting compost. Fruits like bananas, mangoes and oranges have residue. small paper bags are just perfect for collecting the residue. The guests can keep the fruit residue in bags that can be emptied in dustbins when they are full.

  1. Filler material

Paper makes good filler. It absorbs moisture and also it makes a protective layer for the contents.

  1. Book covers

Pink paper bags can be opened to make covers for books and notebooks. When you want to protect a book from aging, you can give it a new cover. Also, the new cover will improve the visual appeal of the book. If you want, you can even decorate the cover with colors.      

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